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Why You Need an R4i (R4i DSi) Card ?

Why You Need an R4i (R4 DSi) Card

The Nintendo DSi surpassed all expectations and is the fastest selling handheld console of all time. It has a number of nifty features that aren’t found in the previous versions, but unfortunately it still lacks some features that you might have expected like the ability to run homebrew games through the SD card reader. This is why you need an R4 DSi. The R4 for DSi is cleverly named the R4i.

The R4DSi is a cartridge that is roughly the same size as a standard cartridge for the DSi. The cartridge has a small slot where you can insert a MicroSD card which is required to take advantage of many of its features. Nothing is installed or modified in the Nintendo DSi so it is completely safe to use and all the action is done within the cartridge.

Enhance Your experience with an DSi R4

If you’ve had the luxury of playing video games on the latest Nintendo console, you may want to enhance your experience with an R4 DSi. We’ll go into details momentarily, but first it’s important to understand how you can change the way you use that hand held console of yours. To be frank, with an R4 for DSi you’ll have the opportunity to transform it into a high-tech device.

Playing Homebrew Games with an R4i

With the R4NDSi you can play free homebrew games .There are so many great homebrew games that people simply aren’t aware of. They can be played on any variation of the DS. Even if you’re experienced with DS homebrew, you’ll probably find a few you’ve missed in the chart.

MP3 Players

Annoyingly for many the console won’t let you play every type of audio file. With an R4 NDSi that’s no longer a problem. We’ve always thought that music can change a person’s personality in just a few minutes, and this cartridge does the trick. If you have a set of tiny headphones you can change your console into an instant music player that you can take on your next run. Whatever the case may be you have to realize you’re not just going to be able to get a few titles, but hundreds on your R4DSi.

The Internet

Many once simple devices are now capable of doing many of the tasks once reserved for home PCs. With an R4 DSi you will find yourself with the ability to use the Internet just as you would at home or in a library. This means when you need to keep up with MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter, you can scan them throughout the day with your R4i wherever you are at that time. Plus, college students are finding the R4i very useful (they can pretend they are researching topics on the Internet while really just playing games).

Other Options Available

We don’t want to spoil all the excitement of the R4 DSi, but there several different ways you can use the two of these together to make one great product. Whether it be for school, work, or play, just having the opportunity at your fingertips with an R4i is a great benefit. Other options available are anything from a Word Processor or video player, to even using it as a mobile phone.

So the next time you take out your DSi R4DS have a look online for some of the free to download homebrew applications available.

An R4 DSi is the Answer

An R4 DSi is the answer many people have been looking for, for a long time. The reason you need this device is because it is much cheaper than you would pay for an original DS game, and it lets your Nintendo DSi do some amazing things! Some of these include that it can be used as a Web Browser, PDA, MP3 Player, Word Processor and Video Player. Last but not least, with the R4NDSi you can play free homebrew games too.

There is one thing though that you will have to be careful of, and that is fake R4i . Many people have come across R4 NDSi but they do not perform as they should, which means they are not the original ones and you have probably been scammed. Be sure of your source when you are looking into investing in something like this, because it is very easy to be given something that looks the same but doesn’t perform the same. We suggest you buy the r4i card from some reliant store : r4 is a good choice-- 100% tested , 100% work ,100% true cards ,6 Month warranty time

Nintendo DS games are sometimes difficult to keep track of, especially if the kids have had a hold of them. Have you ever had a time when all you feel like doing is relaxing and playing your favourite game, only to be looking for it for an hour? Then once you find it you really don’t feel like playing any more… or what about when the dog has gotten hold of your favourite game? The list of things that go wrong with Nintendo games is almost endless! With the DSi R4, which is a SD memory card(2GB to 32GB), you can save all your games and you only have one item to look after and keep away from dogs and kids!

An R4 DSi is a great invest for any gaming family to have. Even if you don’t play games as often as others do, it is nice to know that you have all your games safe and sound for that rainy day when you feel like doing nothing but sitting under a blanket and playing games on your Nintendo. Or the kids Nintendo…

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