Friday, September 10, 2010

R4i Gold V2.0 error on DSi V1.4

After waiting so long long …. time , the R4i Gold V2.0 is published on Sep 8 ,2010. when I get it ,I can hardly wait to test .

Here , I must tell you the package is a little different from the office website (

Frist :The “V2.0” symbol is not printed on the package . the factory release the “V2.0”stick with the r4i gold v2.0.-- that means you must add the stick to cover the “gold”

r4i gold v2.0 package

Second : There is not “R4i DS V2.0 “ words on the back of r4i gold v2.0.

r4i gold v2.0 card

Now , I star to palying the r4i gold v2.0 , so excited ~~

But when I put the R4i Gold V2.0 DSi card into Nintendo dsi , my eyes nearly jumped from my sockets in surprise. What’s wrong ?

On the bottom screen , the interface is punch-drunk . you can’t find any completed picture, just line network and red square frame (instead of the option picture).

r4i gold v2.0 error on dsi

we have to choose the option square frame according to our memory . and then enter to the game page .But , everything goes well when playing game.

playing games is ok

It is so strange !!! there is even more strange things to happen.

The interface is well when tested by the nitendo ds lite . just the interface content is different, it is April not Feb

r4i gold v2.0 is good on ds lite

Thinking again ,We check the Nintendo dsi again , and fund that the system default date is Feb , we change from Feb to April .try the r4i gold v2.0 again .finally , the interface is normal .
you refer to the picture .

r4i gold v2.0 is good on dsi

Here , the R4i Gold V2.0 didn’t support the Feb skin (I didn’t test other Skin except Feb & Apirl.. ) .the skin’s compatibility is not good . Maybe ,their R&D Team will improve it . but now , if you don’t like the skins, we suggest you best to design it by yourself .heheh …

You can get the detail information about the R4i Gold V2.0 DSi Card

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