Friday, September 10, 2010

PS3 break |PS3breaker Review

Please note: This is not a professional review , it is just my using experience.

Firsly , let's take a look at its basics!

What's Inside the Box?
I was a little impressed by its outward appearance at first sight, it's a beautiful small delicate box,and it is half transparent. It looks like a small present.

Open the box, it is the PS3 break, and also connect to a soft blue string. The top and bottom of the box was mounted with a magnet, so it is stable when you close it.

Take out the PS3 break and check more details. There is a small button called "upgrade", plug the PS3 break into the computer and press the "upgrade" button, you can login the Upgrade Mode.

When i connect it to my computer, it showed found new hardware wizard--“AT90USB162 DFU”,it is commonly used in all the computers. It is a little pity that so far the official didn't provide relevant drive, it is said that it will be released in a few weeks.

After i was familiar with the items, it's time to test the game experience. I downloaded Demon's Souls, copied it to HDD and get ready to operate PS3.
Connect PS3 break to computer you can see the lamp always displaying, it means the PS3 works properly !

login debug mode.

put a

Then start Backup Manager and choose Demon's Souls

so here is the picture of Demon's Souls

Login the game

I am gald to find that PS3 break was working smoothly throughout the test, even there wasn't any error condition when i switched power-on and off many times.

Another surprize is that when i pulled out the PS3 break after loged in game ,it still worked, nothing changed. It is saable as usual, even faster and more efficient than CD-ROM .This is the highlight of the product , i think !

Generally , i am satisfied with the PS3 break which i received, thanks to the break team.

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