Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cyclo DS Evolution Reviews

Many people said that theCyclo DS is just the same old hardware that is almost a Stone Age gadget. And It is more expensive than the other brands . They even discourage people to use and buy the product because they say that it is the same as all other DS Flash cards that we used to have. But, they continued introducing this one and it had proven that it has so many features that we had never seen before.

1. Cyclo DS Evolution gives you the best experience in playing with your Nintendo DS / DS Lite. It is really an essential part for you to have the best routine in playing with this one... it will really give you the best support and companion in your playing time as you will get the benefits as they say it.

2.Cyclo DS Evolution is the first DS flash card adapter ever of its kind to actually be compatible to Micro SCHD, an advance disk storage that can accommodate 36GB.By introducing this development, many gamers had been benefited because many of the gamers want to have more and more games in their DS flash at the same time . Also, it is compatible to all NDS ROMs. You can access roms and do download play at an easier rate.

3. In addition to that service, Cyclo DS Evolution does not need any software or program support for it to run on PC side. You just use it and connect it then voila! It is compatible to almost all games so you do not have to worry for games that somehow were problematic before.

4. Also, it will still require you a good quality Micro SD for you to appreciate the game especially to those games that require fast read speeds for Video sequences. But, looking on the other side, it can still be considered as a good choice because it can really provide you ways on playing and discovering more about the games and the gadget itself.

Team Cyclops had been successful in developing this innovation and introducing it to public. With the quality they give to the people, it can be considered as one of the best DS kits in the market today. Get it ,you will have the opportunity to play with it and download games with no problem at all and with its comprehensive instruction, you will get to know it faster than anybody else.

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