Sunday, July 11, 2010

R4i Gold DSi Card Testing /Review

R4i Golden version DSi Card -- is one of the best DSi card from the R4 brand to hit the market.Till now, the R4 series becomes a large familly, R4, R4SDHC, R4u, R4i (Red Version), Hyper-R4i, and today R4i Golden version. We will have a test to find out how the card called version.


According the first sight the R4i Golden Version comes with the golden color, and the mark R4i GOLD on the top, after these, it all comes the same with R4. (actually it more looks like a fermented orange)

It backs with the instruction, but looks the same as others.

Always Blue case, TF adapter and the string, it seemed keep the consanguinity from R4 card.

Open the case, we find it comes with the reflected golden shell, much brighter than the sliver looks. And the official website is marked, also it tell us it support for all NDS version, NDSi/NDSL/NDS.

Turn it over, we can see the connecting finger is diffirent, and the PCB board turns to be red. The entire circuit board and the chip works is still looks quite satisfied.


Advantage: Traditional R4 Pack, Well Protect, Portability.
Shortcomings: Without disk support, the gloden color looks a little disgustine.

Actual Use:

Testing Environment:
System: Japanese Version NDSi * 1
US Version NDSi *1
Mirco SD Card: Sandisk 2 GB
Kingston 2 GB
Flash card: R4i Golden Version *1, Kernel R4i v1.27.

Date Saving:

The auto create file is still remains as 512k, in this condition, it will provide a well compatible for other 512k saving date. The response time is accept for reading and writing.


After enter the flash card control panel, it had no difference with the previous R4 card, The top left corner is the brightness adjustment, the top right corner is still the soft reset switch.

We had used the Kernel v1.27, the testing game is 3374- Soroeru Puzzle Douwa Oukoku, 3371- Rock Revolution, and other 10 games, all comes fluently, no one mess up or not compatibled. As to say, it could be support most games, only except few Anti-Copying games. The Compatible is still perfect.

Homebrew Software:
We use the kernel’s MS1.7 to test the E-book, MP3, DPG movie and other image files, all comes excellent.

Shortcut buttons:
This Gold R4i remains all R4 shortcut keys, including the Soft reset switch, Real-time connecting finger swith, main menu switch, one button for skin replace.

At last, as final summarize, we list below advantage and disadvantage for your reference, hope it will be helped when you choose this card,

1. compact packing reduce the cost, and the price is resaonable.
2. The whole opertion is remain the R4’s traditional easy using.
3. The menu is brief and clear, without any redundant functions.
4. Well expansion of connecting finger, enough coverage and support the dual-format
5. The Adapter had been a little Improved and better protect the TF card.

1. Could not support few games, hope it could be solved by kernel updated.
2. The TF slot still not impoved, remains as Non-spring design.
3. The overall works is general level, especially the TF adapter.
4. The sample card little tight and thick, a little hard to plug, maybe the individual differences.
5. The function had not futher improved than previous R4 series, a little pity for this.

Price:R4i Gold DSi Card from,freeshippng,100% tested, 100% work, 6 Months Warranty! All Memory Cards are with kernel installed before shipping out !

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