Thursday, July 22, 2010

SuperCard DS Two Testing /review!

Well, i just got my Supercard DS Two from SC Team, so as i did before with EOS, i'm starting a review of the new card and the new functions of it's new OS.
I have taken a bunch of photos of it and plan to add descriptions for all the sections, but it might take some time since i'm don't have as much free time as before.

First, a photo of the contents:

You probably have seen this before, the card is black, comes with a Micro SD card reader, a small instruction manual in Chinese/English and mine also came with a black strap with the Supercard logo engraved in it. In other photos appear different color straps, so i'm not sure if they will also come in those colors, but the black one looks pretty nice.

The front and back of the card:

As mentioned, the card is black, the sticker is kind of shiny and has a squared protuberance in it. On the back we can see that it has teeth, i'm mentioning this since there were many users asking about it before. Sorry if the quality of the pictures is not the best, but i'm doing this in a rush.

The DS Two compared with the DS One SDHC:

It can't be seen in this image, but the DS Two it's a bit thicker than the DS One, so it's a bit harder to make it go in (but not by a lot). But it doesn't cause any kind of problem.
The memory card slot is spring loaded, just like the other Supercards, the spring seems a bit stronger than the one in the DS One SDHC.

Another photo of both cards, this time also showing the strap that came with mine:

Now going into the card functions, the first screen after setting the card in the slot 1 of my DS (I'm using it with a DS Phat):

As seen in the photo, it appears in the DS with the Fish Tycoon game info, i assume this was made to bypass the block that was introduced with DSi 1.4 firmware.

The selection screen:

After pressing the Fish Tycoon logo, this screen appears almost inmediatly (the loading time is pretty low). The available options are DS_Game, GBA Emulator, Moonshell, Slot 2 GBA and Slot 2 NDS.
Slot 2 options are to be used when a slot 2 card is inserted in the DS (for DS Phat/DS Lite), in my case they booted my Supercard Mini SD card. I can't test if it works with other slot 2 cards, it would be useful if someone can test them.
DS_Game allows to load NDS games using the DS Two, Moonshell and GBA Emulator are self explanatory. Each option has a different icon.

The gba emulator intro screen and the emu options:

I plan to add more screenshots of the options and the functionality, but i will do that later since right now i don't have a lot of time.
To load a game you need to use the New option and look for it in the card.

Loading a game:

The video/audio section:

Game fast forward allows to run the gba game at a faster speed (no audio in this mode), frame skip type allows to set the frame skip level at auto or manual, this helps to run a game a bit faster by not loading some of the frames (setting it too high might make the game look choppy), and i think that sound switch allows to enable/disable sound, tough i haven't tested.

The save state section:

It allows to save/load the game at any time, with multiple slots.

The cheat section:

Allows to use cheats in the gba games, i haven't checked details about the format atm, so i can't really tell a lot about it.

The tools section:

From here you can take a snapshot of the game running and change the mapping of the buttons, not really sure about the other two options (i guess the sands of time is a compatibility fix).

The others section:

I think that cpu frequency allows to make the cpu run slower or faster, the other ones are pretty much self explanatory.

The DS_game section:

Here are screenshots of the DS_game section (runing DS games using the DS Two), on the highlights, the DS Two remembers the last game played, and also if you press start, the menu shown is displayed, allowing access to the customization options of the card (File operation, Skin, Language, System Settings and Help). It came with two different skins, named Silver and Pink, the one shown here is Silver, and in the next photos i'll be using the Pink skin so you can check both of them.
The available options when showing the roms are list w/icons and icons, it's possible to switch between them pressing Select.

The available languages (using pink skin):

The system settings:

The hotkey section:

The help section:

The rom settings dialog (pressing X while highlighting a rom):

The ingame menu (pressing L+R+Select+Start while a game is running):

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