Thursday, July 22, 2010

EZ Flash 3 in 1 Review

The EZ Flash 3in1 expansion pack is a very useful tool, if you want to play Gameboy Advance games, add some rumble to those games that support it, and have DS Browser functionality. Of course, with the last two, you need to patch it. When I first got my EZ Flash, I was very excited because it was my first time being able to play Gameboy Advance games with my M3. When I got home to unpack it, I was surprised.


The packaging of the EZ Flash 3in1 was very basic. I liked it.

When I read reviews off the site I ordered it from, ModChipCentral, people said it came with an old GBA cartridge, which I would have been happy with because I could use it with my Nintendo DS Phat. To my disappointment there was none, just the Nintendo DS Lite cartidge, and nothing more.


The hardware consists of the board, one of those rumble motors, and a battery.

I was quite impressed with the toughness and durability of the EZ Flash 3in1, but the fact that the screw was on the top left of the cartridge, making it easy to slide on the ride side and break something.

The EZ Flash now has 512 Mb of NOR Flash memory, in the older version it has 256 Mb of NOR Flash memory, for copying of GBA roms, allowing the EZ Flash 3in1 act like a real GBA cartridge, 128 Mb of PSRAM, when PSRAM is used, and when the Nintendo DS powers down, the data does not save. Thirdly, it has a 4 Mb of SRAM data, which has a battery, so the any saves will not corrupt when the DS powers down. The PSRAM is used for expansion memory for the NDS Browser. Lastly, the EZ Flash 3in1 has a rumble feature, this enables you to play games like "Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time.


The EZ Flash 3in1 Expansion pack has lasted me the longest time, it's case hasn't broken in any way yet, which is good. The only problem I've had with the EZ flash is the rumble. The rumble pack in the EZ Flash 3in1 is really loud, and I mean really loud, not like the M3 Rumble pack, which is pretty quiet, not too terribly loud, and gives the perfect amount of rumble to the game you are playing.


Okay, now let's look at the pros and cons of this Gameboy Advance expansion/rumble cart.

  • Durable
  • Does everything it says
  • Good quality

  • Rumble is way to loud
  • You have to patch games to work with rumble
  • You have to patch the NDS Browser rom
  • GBAExploader does not work with M3 unless patched
  • Battery is sometimes dead before you receive it
  • Tough to open because it has adhesive inside after you unscrew it

Packaging: 10/10 the packaging was neat and the EZ Flash 3in1 had no chance of sliding around in its package because it is packed firmly in the centre of plastic.

Hardware: 8/10 because it did not come with an original Gameboy Advance cartridge and the thing was difficult to open, when you have no finger nails to grip the middle of the EZ Flash 3in1 to pry it apart.

Performance:7/10 because it did do everything it said, but it took awhile for everything to work properly

Overall: 8/10 After hard work for making everything to work, it was well worth the purchase. Thank you for reading this review.

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