Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to distinguish between the real AK2i and Fake Acekard 2i?

Be Care Of Clone Carts ! Here ,we just give you a skill to distinguish between real acekard 2i and Fake Ak 2i .

Fake ak2i

This is the fake ak2i.

They're using the "Actel" chip which we do not use for a very long time. We do not sale this type of ak2i anymore. The clone cart has to open a window at the back of shell to fit the chip. You can even feel them by touching the sticker. So if you buy one Ak2i like this now then it must be fake.

fake ak2iHere is the internal images of clone cart. By the way the PCB is also different from our older type of ak2i, which used "Actel".

Now here is the our real Acekard2i.

Real AK2i

As you can see there's no window in the shell of real AK2i.

real ak2i

Now we're using new chip so that we do not have to open a window in the back of shell.

Here is a easy way to distinguish real one and clone one, using the latest official firmware or AKAIO. The clone one will be blocked.

we offer 6 Month warranty for real Acekard 2i /ak2i and Acekard 2.1. All Real Acekard cards have been 100% tested ,100% work before shipping .and all memroy cards have been installed the lasted firmware. you can contact us for a replacement for any issue of the real Ak2 and AK2i.

Get more information about the real Acekard 2i /AK2i from here .

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