Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Supercard dstwo support GBA and NDS on DSi

The newest cart, unsurprisingly named the Supercard DSTWO, will be a mash up between the original DSONE and the hardware that was found in the iPlayer multimedia player. It will of course be DSi compatible, but will most likely not have 'i' in the title, but that is subject to change. That means you're going to have a cart on your hands that can play both Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance games without any additional hardware. There will also be a SNES emulator, but we have not yet had the chance to see this in action.

Alongside the built in emulators, the DSTWO will also boast a revamped real-time feature system, multi language options, slow motion and a file management system.

Here's the official feature list for the Supercard DSTWO:

1. RealTime Functions: RealTime Save, RealTime Game Guide(txt,bmp,jpg) & RealTime Cheat. (More stable, more easy to use, cheat code compatible with R4 and TT now)
2. Multi Saves (Up to 4 slot), Easy to backup and restore saves.
3. Unlimited MicroSD storage space support. SDHC support. FAT or FAT32.
4. Multiple languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish)
5. Built-in GBA/SNES Emulator.
6. Action Slow Motion (4 levels,).
7. File Management System (Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete, long file name support).

Below is the more info for this card.

After got a lot of suggestions from customers of DSONE, DSTWO cheat code system designed more easy to use and powerful. It's totally compatible with R4 and TT cheat code, it's very easy to use and do not need to have thousand of cheat code files in the folder.

Base of the new hardware, we redesign a new UI for DSTWO, it's much better than before.
DSTWO cheat code system not only compatible with R4 and TT cheat code, but also keep the real time cheat code system like DSONE. DSTWO cheat code system use own CPU power, so it's more stable and powerful, player can call out the cheat menu in the game whenever they want.

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